Dedicated Bankruptcy Attorney in Beverly, MA

There are two sides to every bankruptcy case, and our law firm is capable of assisting both of them. The Law Offices of Christopher W. Parker LLC works with both debtors and creditors to make sure they are properly represented throughout bankruptcy proceedings. We have extensive experience representing both companies and individuals in connection with all aspects of the Bankruptcy Code, including Chapter 11 reorganizations, Chapter 13, and Chapter 7.

It takes specialized knowledge of bankruptcy law to represent clients in bankruptcy and insolvency situations. Not only that, but it also requires expertise in both litigation and corporate law. We are experienced in all of these areas and know how to properly address questions involving debt finance, securities, transactional, and tax law to ensure our clients fully understand their rights during the bankruptcy and restructuring stages.

Working with Debtors

When it comes to representing debtors, our involvement typically begins before you or your company actually files for bankruptcy relief. It is for this reason important to reach out to a bankruptcy attorney to better understand your legal position as soon as possible. That way you’ll be able to find out about your strategic options and decide if you should file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy, Chapter 11 reorganization, or Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

There is a wide spectrum of options potentially available to debtors, and it is important to look at and understand all of them. From gaining protections afforded to you by commencing a reorganization case to negotiating an out-of-court workout, you will better understand the right path for you and your organization.

There are ample, important restructuring opportunities to be found for financially-troubled businesses in bankruptcy. This has made bankruptcy law an effective business tool for organizations and individuals looking for the protections and benefits that bankruptcy affords them. We are ready to represent you or your company in all aspects of bankruptcy to help you find the best solution for your situation.

Working with Creditors

Creditors, just like debtors, need strategic analysis and skilled advocacy when approaching a bankruptcy case. The main challenge for a creditor in a bankruptcy case is not limited to simply perfecting ones claim against the debtor, but may also involve perfecting ones claim against other creditor constituencies with differing agendas.

Our law firm will make sure your voice is heard in today’s dynamic financial restructuring landscape. There are many complexities involved when it comes to representing a creditor in bankruptcy court, but we have the deep understanding of the laws, which is necessary to guide you through the process.

Contact us  when you need a knowledgeable, dedicated bankruptcy attorney by your side.