Attorney for Commercial Litigation in Beverly, MA

Complex financing transactions aren’t something you or your business should leave up to chance and goodwill. They need to be properly vetted by an experienced commercial lawyer to ensure everything is written the way it was agreed upon. In addition to our specializing in Chapter 11 reorganization in Beverly, MA, our firm works with a number of business clients in cases involving commerce, merchandising, trade, sales, and more.

The Law Offices of Christopher W. Parker LLC is ready to help you navigate the complexities of complicated contracts as well as defend your rights through litigation when there are any issues, including intellectual property disputes. Our attorney for commercial litigation in Beverly, MA, provides representation and assistance to plaintiffs as well as defendants when it comes to breaches of contracts, misrepresentations, and improper processes.

Commercial Law Litigation

With our broad experience in commercial law, we have brought about successful resolutions in virtually every type of commercial dispute. The litigation team at our firm has prosecuted and defended cases that involve everything from asset purchase agreements and partnership agreements to joint venture agreements and contracts of all types. We are also ready to assist you with issues involving business torts, including litigating claims of conspiracy and interference with contractual relationships.

Having an experienced legal professional by your side helps you better make your case because you will come to understand the many details of the contracts or laws that have been violated. We have a particular depth of experience when it comes to litigating cases associated with misappropriation of corporate opportunities, oppression of minority shareholders, and other disputes that involve shareholders or corporate management.

We understand how some contract, commercial law, and intellectual property disputes can pump the brakes on your business and life. This is especially true when there are business disputes that require immediate court intervention.

Contact us for legal advice regarding commercial law issues, corporate disputes, and Chapter 11 in Beverly, MA.